What is RFQoptics.com?

RFQoptics.com is a virtual space where you may post your Requests For Quote. You will receive direct feedback and offers from the providers.

Why would I use RFQoptics.com?

While you are probably able to send your request manually to 5 or 6 different suppliers or traders, posting your RFQ in RFQoptics.com you have instant access to all the suppliers at once. You will be in direct contact with the suppliers, cutting all the intermediate costs and get the optimum price.

image de presentation 1 rfq optics
image de presentation 1 rfq optics

Who uses RFQoptics.com?

RFQoptics.com is the places where buyers and sellers meet each other, no matter the work position they have.

Buyer could be researchers, R&D engineers, purchase managers, photonics companies, etc…

Sellers could be manufactures, added value distributors, optical engineers, photonics freelances, integrators, etc…

How does RFQoptics.com work?

At RFQoptics.com, Buyers post their requirements for standard items, custom parts, assemblies or engineering services in the form of Request for Quote (RFQ). Buyers may updated and manage their request any time. Suppliers with the right assets and capacity respond to those RFQs with detailed bids. Supplier may also ask for more details on the request and interacts with the buyers. Buyers and Suppliers are free to conclude the business or not, inside or outside the web platform. RFQoptics.com will not play any active role in the negotiations.

How much RFQoptics.com cost?

Posting a RFQ on RFQoptics.com is free. Join today!

image de presentation 1 rfq optics

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